December 12 2018

VICE discusses how Scientus Pharma is leading the way when it comes to the standardization of cannabis used for medicine

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A biopharmaceutical company hoping to disrupt the cannabis extraction market is claiming some Canadian licensed producers are selling cannabis oils that are tantamount to placebos.

Cannabis oils have surged in popularity over the last couple years, but for medical patients—many of whom don’t want to smoke anything—they’ve become of particular importance.

Scientus Pharma is a Whitby, Ontario-based pharplacbosmaceutical company that will soon bring to market cannabis oils and gel capsules strictly for medical patients. The company is critical of the way LPs [licensed producers] currently decarboxylate their cannabis to make oils—decarboxylation is the process through which the THC or CBD in raw cannabis is activated. If you’re smoking or vaping, the heat causes the decarboxylation. But with oils, that process needs to take place during the extraction process.

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