December 17 2018

Is Canada Selling Placebo Cannabis Oil to Sick People?

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Cannabis oil has become increasingly popular over the past several years as more cannabis consumers, especially those on a quest for the plant’s medicinal benefits, search for healthier ways to consume the herb without smoking it. Patients searching for the trapdoor out from under conditions like chronic pain and anxiety report having more effective results from the use of these kinds of products than other consumption methods. Extracts make it easier for both doctors and patients to control dosage, and they’re more convenient for those patients to consume at work — or in other situations where whipping out a joint would surely be frowned upon.

In Canada, the cannabis extraction market now outpaces dried flower by 56 percent, according to the latest statistics provided by Health Canada. But there is some evidence that the extracts being sold in the northern nation are the equivalent of a “placebo,” according to a recent report from VICE. If this is true, it means some Canadian patients have been spending hundreds of dollars a month on fake medical marijuana.


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